Mel is the most kind, insightful, and supportive human being to assist anyone in their nutritional journey to ‘wellness’ in every sense of the word. Mel is holistic in her breadth and depth of research, knowledge, and application when helping clients reach and maintain our optimal healthy lifestyle. There is abundant wisdom, support and generosity in her connection and suggestions to maximise our wellness, and I thank her from my heart for all that I have gained and experienced with her. Highly recommend Mel for your wellness recovery.


Mel is an outstanding nutritionist who I highly recommend. I went to Mel to get her help to increase my healthy eating habits and decrease my bad eating habits with the goal of falling pregnant. With many lows on our pregnancy journey I knew deep down I wasn’t looking after my body and this was the first step in the right direction. After a few months of seeing Mel I did actually fall pregnant!!! Mel identified what I was eating and explained what my body was needing and craving. I was missing a lot of nutrients. She gradually took away some things which made it much easier for me to adapt to a healthy eating style. She added healthy eating habits and the nutrients I was missing. The plan she put together was easy to follow. I noticed new energy and feeling better within myself. My son started picking up the healthy eating habits too! And now I am currently 27 weeks with my healthy and strong daughter on the way! Thanks Mel

Sarah R

Mel is just the most sincere, kind and genuine person. She cares genuinely about her clients. She is understanding and not pushy. Mel educates me about food, diet and nutrition and how my choices impact me and my ability to meet my goals. Having this knowledge has helped me significantly. I have an auto immune disease and a healthy diet is critical. Mel has helped me to resolve some major health challenges by sensible food choices and understanding about how and when to eat. My goal is not specifically weight loss, but improved health and quality of life. Mel is helping me significantly meet those goals. Mel is Awesome, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Daran C

I went to see Mel because I was at my end point of feeling bloated and sick after almost every meal every day. Mel helped me join the dots between my foods bloating and peri menopause. I thought it would be hard to do – change food habits, but it’s not. Mel has made it easy with food guides and planners to help you make better choices for you. I feel great in just 8-10days. The bloating and pain have gone and my energy is better. Thanks Mel

Ann H

I don’t think I have ever met anyone more passionate about helping people from the inside out! The best listener which then allows her to solve a few problems with brilliant advice. No pushy sales just a sincere need to do the right thing by her clients. Loved my first session – will be back again soon and happy to send all my friends you way!

Leah D

Mel is fantastic, and explains everything simply giving you alternatives to what you do to make nutrition simple. Would 100% recommend Mel Trebilcock from Melt Nutrition – even better she finds healthy solutions for me when I am on the go and travelling which I love!!

Clout T

A wealth of knowledge cannot speak more highly of this woman!

Sarah B

Very experienced Nutritionist. Mel is the loveliest lady, would highly recommend her for any nutritional advice

Anastasia P

Mel is absolutely amazing nutritionist, so knowledgable and helpful! Thank you so much!

Sarah P

Wonderful knowledge. Thank you so much for your help. 😊

Geraldine H

Mel is a fabulous nutritionist, very caring and knowledgable.

Alison M

Mel is such a passionate nutritionist with knowledge in the sports performance field, as well as gut health, hormones and weight loss. she is an inspiration to the health industry.

Tegan C

Any questions about food? Don’t feel embarrassed – go and see Melt and she can help you! Great passion and knowledge. ☺️

Billie L

Mel is so knowledgeable about nutrition and an inspiration for health! Thank you Mel 😊

Kyra H