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As a constant cook and dynamic mother of two boys, I am all about showing you nutrition hacks and simple solutions to kick-start your health and wellbeing, so that as quickly as possible we can bring back your vibrancy and joie de vivre! I want to share with you lots of fabulous, incredibly delicious recipes, all of which will have your friends and family salivating as soon as they walk into your aroma-filled kitchen (because we want to get that salivary enzyme amylase happening as quickly as possible for great digestion from start to finish – whoops, I digress!). I also intend for all the recipes to be quick, simple and super-easy to create at home, as I am very aware that the precious time we have to cook can frequently be surrounded by rushing times and timetables. Let’s face it, there are too many days to mention when we don’t have an hour or more to cook, and sometimes that window of time can feel like mere minutes. What if we don’t have to make time a hindrance, and can still create a delicious and nutritious meal at the end of the day? How will we feel if we have put together a meal that has everybody wanting more and is still a powerhouse of nutrition and good energy, so everyone feels amazing and at optimum health? The good news is I believe there is an easy way to achieve this. And to achieve this I love that I get to talk about FOOD. I want that food to serve our extraordinary, miraculous bodies as well as possible (think for a moment what our human body achieves every day with its organs, systems, mechanisms and structures!). I believe in everyone fuelling their body in the best way, and I especially love Michael Pollan’s quote “Culture, when it comes to food, is of course a fancy word for your mom.” So yes, us Mums/Moms are amazing, and what better way to celebrate our ability to guide the culture and community of our families than through the ritual of gathering around good food. Let’s guide and revitalise from the start! Let's build that food architecture!

My personal relationship with food, however, hasn’t always been so nutrient-focused. My journey has included years of battling weight, both WAY down and WAY up, immune system issues, struggling with IBS, pyrroles and PCOS - the triple whammy! - which caused the very emotional journey of struggling for years to fall pregnant. If only someone had mentioned food and nutrition at the time! I have experienced first-hand the harmful effects of conventional processed food and trans fats ,  with some pretty weighty side effects as my gut struggled to absorb any good nutrients. For me personally it has been a long road to detox and wellness. I  had to start from scratch in understanding not only how to cook with wholefoods, but also how much of a game-changer they can be in our daily lives. Along the way I have discovered how important it is to take responsibility for my own wellness, and have learnt so much through my years of delving and research! I now love my healthy emotional connection to food and nourishment, and want to share how this can be joyfully achieved.

Fast-track to today, and my wellness journey sees me loving my life as an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, helping others to discover how stubborn fat and digestive pain can melt away with targeted nutrition and sassy food choices. I am here to help you and guide you, to address key aspects of your individual nutrition and lifestyle!

I truly believe that good food can reignite everyone’s glow. You may have heard it before, but it's worth repeating as Hippocrates was spot on when he proclaimed "food is medicine".  Absolutely!

I can’t wait for you to enjoy finding out about simple solutions to optimum health, all part of the scaffolding that will see your inner sparkle being reignited. Because…. Happy gut, happy life J OK – time for everyone to shine bright – let’s do this!

Mel xx



My mission is to help you in moving your body to wellness to live a healthier, happier life - providing professional nutritional advice through real food nutrients.
Hi, I'm Mel T !

If you’re sick and tired of your hormones hijacking your happy, you’re in the right place.

If you’re struggling with perimenopause, menopause, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, weight loss, gut health, skin health or hormonal imbalances, I’m here to help you recalibrate and create the change.

Maybe you’ve heard lots of differing opinions and just can’t work out how to pinpoint the evidence-based information? I’m here to guide you with personalized nutrition and science-backed lifestyle guidelines that concentrate on addressing the root cause of your hormonal imbalance – without you ever going hungry.

I’ve spent more than a decade presenting and writing about food as medicine. I always use a functional medicine approach in both my one-to-one and group program work, consistently addressing the root cause of all your health concerns

I have a life-long love of creating easy meals from scratch to provide delicious, finger-licking good food. Eat well be well is foundational to my work, with a food-first approach integral to how I address women’s health and outcomes.


Many moons ago in my career, I was a concert violinist working in symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles in Australia, the U.S.A. and Italy. With plenty of touring involved and a huge variation in day and night work hours to cater for evening performances, I have plenty of first-hand experience in what it takes to integrate healthy habits into a jam-packed lifestyle.

Once I settled back in Australia, my own hormonal imbalances started to become painfully evident. While trying to fall pregnant I was diagnosed with PCOS, and I struggled with many symptoms that unfortunately didn’t diminish once I gave birth to my two beautiful boys. My determination to get to the root cause and balance my hormones eventually led me to return to university to become an accredited nutritionist. I have been passionate about helping women put their health first and sort their hormones ever since. It is now my mission to help and empower women struggling with hormonal imbalance to recalibrate and thrive, so that they too can live their best life with ease.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with 2 teenage sons with voracious appetites and an endlessly hungry, constantly adorable labradoodle called Coco.

Let's Get Started!

Come and join me by booking your first appointment with me either in person at Stonewall Medical Practice or online for a comfy session from your own home. Or if you’re keen to go straight to sorting your menopause hormones with my online self-paced course, head to Hormone Haven.

Wishing you WELL

Mel xx

Mel Trebilcock
Accredited Nutritionist, Speaker, Programs & Workshop Facilitator at Melt Nutrition
ANTA #15096